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TAVOL will walk into the future hand in hand with Shandong Daming Xiehao Metal Technology Co.,Ltd

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On 30th,Nov,2022, the CEO of Tavol Group, Mr Jialuhua visited the Daming Xiehao Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. They are looking forward cooperation soon.

Daming aims at building the world's leading and domestic top iron and steel processing service enterprise, accelerating the development of steel deep processing industry, building a cluster of processing and distribution centers, and expanding and extending the industrial chain. The welding platform of Daming Heavy Industry has the welding capacity of large steel structure, biphasic steel ship plate, container cylinder and precision sheet metal and other products. Welding METHODS INCLUDE NARROW GAP WELDING, TUBE AND PLATE STRIP SURFACING WELDING, submerged ARC AUTOMATIC WELDING, CARBON DIOXIDE gas welding, tungsten argon ARC welding, electrode arc welding, plasma welding, stud welding, resistance spot welding, resistance seam welding and so on.

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 It has more than 100 sets of various welding equipment, among which SAF PLASMA welder can weld flat butt welds 12.5 meters long at a time, breaking the world record of this type of machine in length. Welding materials are carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and copper, aluminum, titanium and other non-ferrous metals, the company also has H-shaped steel production line, large edge planer, heavy plate winding machine and length of more than 30 meters of large inspection room, heat treatment furnace, sandblasting room, painting room and other large equipment. We have welding engineers, flaw detection engineers, CCS welders, RINA welders, special equipment welders and other professionals. The MACHINE processing platform of Daming Heavy Industry is a comprehensive machine processing service platform with excellent equipment, which is imported from Japan, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan, etc., with complete specifications, high precision, large scale and multifunctional composite equipment. At present, we have large, medium and small types of five-surface machining center of longmen, floor boring, vertical/horizontal turn-milling compound, large and medium-sized vertical lathe, deep hole drilling, multi-axis drilling, vertical machining center, horizontal lathe, longmen planer, longmen milling machine, vertical milling, horizontal milling and other equipment. The company has a group of processing technical professionals, and through years of external processing services, to stainless steel, carbon steel, casting and forging, special steel and other materials, various types of parts processing accumulated rich experience.

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In terms of quality assurance, Daming Heavy Industry is equipped with a variety of professional responsible engineers and testing personnel, and has advanced testing equipment such as CMM and laser tracking, as well as conventional testing methods such as spectral analysis, pulling, bending, punching and intergranular corrosion. In weld inspection, it has RT, UT, MT, PT detection capabilities, and has various advanced testing equipment such as accelerator.