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TAVOL Conventional Mobile Scissor Platform

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The traction mobile scissor-type aerial work platform is an efficient and convenient mobile aerial work platform. It can be moved by locomotive or human to achieve long- and short-distance operation. The equipment generally uses external power to provide power. Push the fork part to rise to achieve the purpose of lifting. The product can be powered by adding a battery or a diesel engine to facilitate equipment field operations.

mobile scissor lift mobile scissor lift

1. The mobile lift can be selected as two-phase, three-phase, battery, diesel engine as the lifting power, and special places can also use explosion-proof motors and electrical appliances. The control mode of the elevator is electric up and down control, manual, electric dual-use or E-controller control. It can still be used during power failure. Mobile lifts include manual mobile lifts, electric mobile lifts, and hand pressure pumps for use during power outages. They have the characteristics of flexible movement, stable lifting, convenient operation, and large load capacity. Lifting power is divided into 220V or 380V power supply, using foreign and domestic hydraulic pumping stations. Mainly used in factories, property units, store decoration, construction, decoration, venue layout, conference center and other industries. Mobile scissor lifts are divided into two-wheel traction lifts and four-wheel mobile lifts. The external power is used for traction, and the trailer or diesel engine can be used as the traction power to move and the hydraulic lifting power can be used. This series of elevators has the characteristics of flexible movement, stable lifting, large load capacity and convenient operation. Airports, gas stations, authorities, terminals, field power, street lamp maintenance and building decoration and other industries. The mobile lift can be designed and manufactured according to the user's requirements.

2, Use caution when walking

1)The platform must be fully landed and the outriggers gathered

2)Choose manpower or locomotive according to the traction power. Pay attention to that the axle pin must be fixed firmly.

3)Pull open the tow bar and turn the tow bar left and right to realize the steering function.

3.Safety specifications for lifting operation

Firstly, lifting operation steps

1)Inspection; When the platform is used for the first time, the hydraulic pipelines and electrical systems must be carefully checked to ensure that the hydraulic pipelines, joints and electrical circuits are not loose before use.

2) Open the outriggers; the outriggers should be fully open and supported on a solid ground, and leveled by the screw rods on the outriggers.

3) Test run:

(1) Click the up button on the control handle below the platform, and release the button when it reaches a certain height. At this time, the platform should stop rising immediately, check for leaks in the hydraulic pipelines and joints, and ensure that the platform is vertically vertical. Continue to rise.

(2) The maximum height of the device is realized by the limit switch. If the slider has touched the limit switch during the lifting process, but the device has not stopped, immediately stop using the device and check the limit switch and circuit.

(3) Click the down button of the lifting platform control handle to lower the platform completely.

(4) This step must be repeated several times when the platform is used for the first time or is disabled for a long time.

Lifting operation: After the platform is commissioned in the third step, ensure that the equipment is normal before carrying and lifting people and objects.

Secondly, the operating precautions (must be strictly observed, otherwise it may cause loss of personnel or property)

(1) When the platform is carrying loads, the center of the cargo should be at the center of the platform. It is forbidden to move the cargo during the lifting of the platform.

(2)When the platform is carrying people, the movable door of the workbench guardrail must be locked to prevent people or objects from falling down. People are not allowed to move during the platform lifting process.

(3) After the operation is completed, click the down button, the platform will fall back to the original height, disconnect the power supply connected to the platform, retract the outriggers and store the platform properly.

 (4) An accidental power failure when the equipment is working can be lowered through the emergency drop valve on the hydraulic pump station.

mobile scissor lift mobile scissor lift

4. Maintain safety rules

Firstly, maintaining safety rules

1) The equipment should have trained professionals responsible for operation and daily maintenance;

2) The hydraulic oil is replaced every six months; 32 # anti-wear hydraulic oil is used in winter and 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil is used in summer.

3) When the platform is not in use, add a dust cover and store it properly;

4) According to the frequency of use of the platform, often carry out shear fork maintenance.

Secondly, maintenance inspection matters

1. Check whether the shaft pin nut at each connection of the platform is loose or falling off;

2. Check whether the hydraulic pipeline is broken, whether there is oil leakage or looseness in each joint;

3. Check the electrical wiring for virtual connection and bareness;

4. Check whether the connectors of the control box are loose and whether the indicator light works normally;

5. Check whether the control handles and operation buttons are flexible;

6. Check whether each limit switch is loose or damaged;

7. Check the lubrication of the platform support pin and inject sufficient lubricant;

8. Keep the slide way on the platform in a lubricated state, and dry friction between the slider and the slide way is n