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TAVOL 15 ton Overhead Crane Loading for Bangladesh Client

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The 15 ton overhead crane were loaded into container and delivered to Qingdao port on JMay 5th 2020 . The 15 ton double girder overhead crane is made for textile dyeing factory in Bangladesh. Because the space from rail to roof is limit, our engineer designed suitable overhead crane structure for client's factory.

The 15 ton overhead crane is designed with the capacity 15 ton, the span 15.5m, the lift height 13m . It is a middle work duty overhead crane with hoist trolley which is more compact than other model overhead crane. So it can be used when the distance from rail to roof is limited. The 15ton overhead crane has advantages of compact exterior dimension, low construction headroom, light dead weight, light wheel load . The most important feature of double girder overhead crane is with inverter control. By using inverter control, the overhead crane lifting speed can be adjusted. The advantages of inverter control are as following: running smoothly, low noise, protecting the motor and increasing the overhead crane life.

Overhead crane Overhead crane

The 15ton overhead crane main beam and end carriage are packed by woven bag, the electric parts are packed with high quality plywood crate. We sent loading photos to our client, they were very satisfied with our service and promised that they would place the next order from us soon.

TAVOL CRANES GROUP supplies double girder overhead crane with load capacity up to 32 tons and the span from 6 to 31.5 meters. The 15ton overhead crane is applied in mechanical processing workshop, metallurgical factory , warehouse, material yard, power plant for transferring, assembly, inspection maintenance and load, unload procedures. It can also replace common overhead crane that used in light textile industry and food industry manufacturing workshop.

Overhead crane overhead crane

As an esteemed, leading disciplined and quality manufacturer,TAVOL have exported and serviced for more than 200 companies in Bangladesh. The companies business scope include: plastic industry,cement industry, power industry,steels industry,textile industry,paper industry,paint and chemical industry,food industry,construction industry etc.The wide application of double girder overhead crane makes the working efficiency of many enterprises in Bangladesh greatly improved.