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After Service Terms
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    Pre Sale
    Customer Demand + Excellent Sales Team=  Buy Save Worry 
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    During Sale
     Excellent Manufacture Team + High Quality Parts  + Perfect Delivery Service= Buy Rest Assured                                         

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    After Sale
    Professional Maintenance Service Team + 
    Perfect After-sale Service= Use at Ease
Tavol After Service System 
Should Anything Unforeseen Ever Occur, We will make sure Your Crane is Back up and Runing Again Quickly.
Free Send Easy Damaged Spare Parts
We will send you some spare parts for free 
such as following  spare parts list  for single girder overhead crane
Installation and Operate Manual 
Tavol will send you installation and operate manual , All electric and control Wiring , Test run certificate, Quality certificate etc. 
Warranty Terms
6.5.1- Whole Machine Supply Twelve (12) months from the Machine Test run date, or Fourteen (14 ) months from Railway Transport B/L issued date, which one comes earlier, once any spare parts broken down during this period, the seller should send the broken down parts with free charges against the broken spare parts pictures shown by the buyer.
6.5.2- Steel Structure and Metal Parts allow the Warrantry 5 years.
6.5.3- Spare parts supply and maintenance work allow the whole working life.
6.5.4-  The Seller will not take any responsibility for the damage caused in the process of shipment, so please add the insurance for the goods in time, or entrust the seller to buy the insurance before shipment.
6.5.5-  The buyer should check the Goods Conditions before unloading the container, if any parts damaged because of the machines itself or any spare parts quality reason, the seller should send the new parts against the pictures shown by the buyer immediately.
Force – Major and Arbitration: 
Should circumstances arise which prevent either of the Parties from complete or partial fulfillment of their obligations under this contract, such as fire, calamity, war, military operations of any nature, blockade, export or import prohibitions or other circumstances beyond the control of the Parties concerned, the date of fulfillment of their obligations will be postponed in proportion with the time during which such circumstances prevail. 
If the above circumstances are in force for over six months, each of the parties shall have the right to refuse fulfillment of their obligations under the contract and in this case neither of the parties shall be entitled to make a claim against the other Party for any possible losses to occur. 
In case of any disputes or disagreement arisen between the parties related to the execution of the contract, if not settled by amicable way, it shall be settled by an Arbitration Committee of the Seller’s country. The decision of the said Arbitration committee shall be final and binding upon both parties. 
Sales Return Policy
1 According to the International Trade Customs and Agreements:  All The Exported Goods Not Accept the Sales Return.
2 If the Goods finished the Manufacture and Stock in the Tavol's Workshop, the Sales Return is allowed, Consider all the Tavol Machines made and design as the request of Client, the Deposit or Advance Payment Won't accept Return.
3  The China Domestic Market Sales Accept the Sales Return Policy.
Change , or Cancel the Order Policy
1 Change the design or Order During the Manufacture Period, The buyer should take all the responsibilty for the loss from the Seller.
2  Cancel the order before the Seller manufacture is allowed to return back the advance payment.
3  If the seller has already manufacture, the seller won't return the advance payment, if made the big loss because the order canceled, the buyer should pay more to the seller for the loss to the seller.
Installation and Maintenance Team
Installation and Test Running Terms  
1. Tavol will send one or two engineer to the crane erecting site for installation instruction and operating training, The buyer will be responsible for all the fees containing Visa application fees, Flight charges, Accommodation and Food, Safety and illness Protection etc.
2. The buyer should be responsible for The installation tools preparation (Like mobile crane, installation worker, welding machine, welder etc.) , Also the Safety Prevention and Accident Handling of  the local installation worker.
 3. Installation Engineer Salary Normally Cost 60USD per person per day (Current Rate: 1USD=6.2RMB), These fees should be paid in advance.
01- Sales Agent or Delears Welcomed.
02- For the End User, Tavol Have the excellent Project Engineer can help you to solve all your questions during the pre sale, manufacture, delivery, installation and after service work.
03- For the Trading Company or Third Party, Tavol will help you to protect your Profit, Won't Loot your Client, also project your Client Secret.
04- Tavol Welcome to corporate with the Thirdy Party to made the Company or Product Promotions in Newspapers, Exhibitions, Bill board, Magazines etc. All the Cost arised can be collect from Tavol Company.
05- Tavol can dispatch the Project engineer or Manager comes to your courtry to visit your client together with your team.
06- Tavol will supply the Company Brochures, PPT, Project List, Certificate, Videos, etc all the promotion materials with free cost.


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