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Pakistani Customers Visiting and Signing Contract with Tavol

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On July 20th, our company received inquiries of 1sets 20ton single girder bridge crane and 1 set 15ton single girder gantry crane from steel structure company, which has been our partner for many year before. This 2sets of bridge crane project is from China's good partner country-Pakistan, China's iron buddies.

Combining with the information provided by the steel structure company, we put forward the corresponding technical problems that need to be confirmed with customers: plant height, lift height, overall workshop width, workshop length and other parameters. Finally, we confirmed the parameters:

EOT crane:   Span 30m, Height 7m, Travel length 80m

Gantry crane: Span 15m, Height 6m, Travel length 100m

Based on the information we have offered, we supplied quotation for them. During the whole follow-up process, the steel structure company did not get a good response, but in August, we knew that customers would come to China to visit factories at the end of the month or in September. We have always attached great importance to them. After got the contact information of customers, we learned that customers visited other factories in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, Our director decided to driving a car to pick up customers. In the meantime, we have prepared all the technical drawings, quotations, technical parameters, trade terms and other information.

Bridge crane2 Gantry crane contract

On one hand, we had high-standard reception for visiting customers, food, accommodation and transportation.It was about 3.5 hours'journey from Tai'an to Cangzhou, Hebei Province. Because of the foggy weather from Tai'an 6:30 to 11:00 arrived at the customer hotel, the customer was waiting for an hour. The customer said he could return to Beijing at noon. We would return to Tai'an immediately. We went to Tai'an railway station to buy tickets for the customers on 22rd Sept 2019.

On the other hand, after arriving the factory, we invited our customers to visit our factory and the working conditions of bridge cranes in the workshop.

Customers inquired about the different operation modes and other information of 10ton European single girder crane and 10t double girder bridge crane in the factory. They realized that we are the real manufacturer of bridge crane, and the factory has been producing and working overtime all the time. 

In mutual understanding, our direct trust has been increasing, step by step towards cooperation in the process of negotiation. Customers were very sensitive to the price. Considering that we werethe first cooperation, customers also had the willingness to cooperate with us to jointly expand the Pakistan market. After konwing the target price of the customer, we made concessions, in agreement with customers' price. The customer prepared the contract immediately. 

Finally, with the joint efforts of both parties, the contract agreement of 20t overhead crane and 15t gantry crane were signed. The customer agreed to open a letter of credit at 2-3weeks after returning home. The process of cooperation is the process of mutual trust and the only way to win-win situation. If you require cranes now ,please contact with us.