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Our Philippines’ Customers Visited Our Factory and Have a Test for The 5 Ton Overhead Crane

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Single Girder Overhead Crane Consists of one girder beam supported on each side by an end truck. The electric hoist (electric wire rope hoist & electric chain hoist) are under hung—they run on the bottom flange of the single girder. Single Girder overhead crane is typically less expensive due to:

1. Reduction in Freight Expenses

2. Faster Installation

3. Simpler Hoist and Trolley Design

4. Lighter Runway Beams

Today, our philippines’ customers visited our factory and have a test for his 5 ton overhead cranes.

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Parameters of Overhead Cranes as below:

Model : LD5T-16.5M

Lift capacity : 5 ton;

Lift height: 4 m;

Lifting Speed: 8m/min

Trolley Traverse speed: 20m/min

Crane Travel speed: 20m/min

Span(Rail Center to Center) : 16.5m

They came to our factory to check their two sets 5 ton Overhead Cranes,and We installed one set of overhead crane . Our engineers showed the installation plan and taught them how to connect the electric system.

Our workers asked the clients to check the products ‘s details. They gave us a good feedback. We built a good cooperation relationship with each other.

in the afternoon,we finished the installation. The clients knew the whole installation plan.Then we connected the power,and had a running test .This was a very successful installation and testing process.

If you have any needs for our Cranes,Welcome you contact us.



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