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Our Chile client finished the installation and commissioning of two sets of 20ton bridge crane

Views: 26     Author: Lilian (sales66@tavolgroup.com)     Publish Time: 2020-02-29      Origin: Site

As a professional bridge crane manufacturer, we could customize bridge crane according to the client’s requirement. The tonnage of single girder bridge crane that we could produce is from 3ton to 32ton. Accept for guarantee good quality, we could guarantee the good sales service.

Especially, we could supply installation video for the clients. Recently, our Chile client finished the installation.One one hand, they said the installation video that we sent to them is very helpful. On the other hand, our client told us the guys who installed the cranes spoke highly of our 20ton bridge crane since we treated all the details carefully. And we learnt from our client that the installation team has been doing these case for long time and they are very professional. It is so exciting to be praised by “experts“.

bridge crane single girder overhead crane

We packed the steel structures by woven bag and the electric hoist by plywood box. We tried our best to protect the package when we loaded the container. Before the goods arrived at client’s factory, we reminded our client to be careful when they were unloading the container. Fortunately, there was almost no damage to the paint of the steel structures. The installation team did an extra layer of paint after all the parts were welded.

As you can see in the pictures that our 20ton bridge crane look great under the blue sky. Now the 20ton bridge cranes are working well in the workshop. We hope their production efficiency will be improved by using our 20ton bridge crane. And the 20ton bridge crane could  create great value for client’s investment in the soonest future.

Normally we will have a question for client at the end of the order that is why choose us as their 20ton bridge crane supplier. Our client said in a new talking style of casual business and comic, “I chose Tavol Cranes Group because I thought you are better than others and I hope we can have a long-time partnership and friendship”.

Over 20ton bridge crane consists of one girder beam supported on each side by an end truck. The electric hoist runs on the bottom flange of the single girder. And over head crane is widely used for either manufacturing or maintenance applications. These two sets of over head crane are used in their workshop to deal with the prefabricated concrete.