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Let's have a party! Come and Join us!

Views: 40     Author: Cecilia (sls99@tavolgroup.com)     Publish Time: 2020-07-06      Origin: Site

Half of the year has passed unconsciously in 2020. In the past six months, all of our employees at Tavol have worked together to overcome the difficulties during the Covid-19. They have worked hard and achieved good results. Although sales have declined compared to the same period in the past, everyone is satisfied with the results achieved so far.

In order to inspire everyone in the second half of the year and create greater brilliance, our manager set a private club and we held a party together.

party party2

Tavol is a warm family, where everyone is comrades and relatives. This party is really  a family party, because we could bring our children, bring the family here to share happiness.

At first, our general manager shared the experience of the past six months, and then each sales shared it. After sharing, we started to have lunch, sang, played poker, and played billiards. Everyone was immersed in the ocean of joy. Everyone firmly believes that in the next year, Tavol cranes group will create greater glories! Everyone will work hard for their sales performance!

party3 party4