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Intimate Service from Tavol Crane Group- Trust Tavol, Trust yourself

Views: 6     Author: Adam ( sls44@tavolgroup.com)     Publish Time: 2019-11-28      Origin: Site

To do a good job in service, I think we need to do a few things:

1. We must establish the service concept of "customer first" and "customer is God". Think what the customer thinks and what the customer needs.

2. If there is an action of active communication, actively and actively communicate with customers, gradually get closer and increase friendship, you can better understand what the guests need, what they are thinking, and how should we deal with it?

3. Do a good job in the service of smile. Smile is the most attractive business card for people to communicate with each other. A smile from the heart is like the warm current of winter and the coolness of summer. Quality service requires our continuous efforts, because it is a long-term goal of "only better, no best".

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4. Listen to customers and accept criticisms with an open mind. In daily work, customers with different personalities and different qualities will inevitably lead to complaints due to negligence or other reasons. In such a situation, we must patiently listen to their complaints and even scolds, and let them speak their hearts. We should keep a normal attitude, restrain ourselves, avoid emotional affairs, and understand why. Complaints are their precious, valuable and valuable messages. We should accept them with an open mind, seriously reflect on them, and constantly improve the quality of our services.

5. Maintain a high level of responsibility and full enthusiasm for work. We should serve our customers with due diligence. When we serve customers with sincerity, we will also gradually find fun instead of bored and complaining. If we take this sense of responsibility as a strong spiritual motivation to overcome many difficulties at work, then it will give us the courage to overcome all difficulties and we can devote ourselves to work. In this way, we are in a good mood and believe that the mood of our customers is also pleasant. In the pleasant working process, we will also find the service direction, in which we will gain experience, friendship and support. Maybe we have lost our passion for work, but now that we have chosen this position, we must remember our responsibilities and mission.

 6. Different thoughts and mentalities lead to different mentalities and different results. Every post is a land full of vitality. The key lies in what kind of seeds are planted by the people who cultivate it. I believe that as long as we do everything with heart, we will reap the spring of career in any position. . Service is endless, we have to implement the service details

Only continuous quality service will naturally build a reputation, so that the company can survive for a long time.