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Hydraulic Four Post Car Lift Installation Instructions

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Hydraulic Four Post Car Lift Installation Instructions

Vertical four post car lift platform is used for transfer car between different floors. The self-height is about 150-300mm. This platform can be installed on the ground directly or make one pit. Hydraulic driven, steady working and simple operate. Operation is easy, and the lifts run very smoothly. There are also explosion-proof lock valve to avoid a sudden drop if emergency occurs. The four post car lift can be installed for through-floor, interior or exterior applications. The principle components of machine include guide columns, carriage and a mechanical or hydraulic actuating mechanism.

Car lift car lift2

Main features of the hydraulic four post car lift

1.Vertical hydraulic four post car lift can be used to lift cars with different levels, suitable for car moving between stairs, from basement to first floor, to second floor, or to third floor. Operation is easy, and the lifts run very smoothly. There are also explosion-proof lock valve to avoid a sudden drop if emergency occurs.

2.The limit switch system helps four post car lift to stop at accurate position.

3.The hydraulic cylinders and hose are armed with explosion-proof lock valve to avoid a sudden drop once hydraulic pipe breaks, the work platform will be down slowly to ensure safety of car.

4.Emergency button is available on each control box, when emergency occurs, the immediate stop can be realized.

5.Control system adopt elevator control system,very convenient and safety.

6.Custom-made products are done according to detailed request, please tell us load capacity, lift height, and platform size you need, our engineer will design a suitable lift for you soon.

Installation steps for the hydraulic four post car lift

1.Install the anti-wear pulley and electric drive pusher on the small beam.

2.Put the platform in the pit , elevated 30-50cm , and put the corresponding two small beams under the platform (There is a fixed point under the platform for mounting small beams).

Put the small beams up to 20cm, pull out the elevated gasket . (Put the small beam higher side on the big side of the platform notch.  Wire Rope Wheel Unified Outward)

3.Put the platform in the pit center (The center point must be taken from the top hole in a vertical line). Level the platform after finding the center (The gap between the second floor and the platform entrance is 3CM).

4.Put the cylinder column in the direction of the mark corresponding to the platform . The triangle head of the cylinder column can face inside only (As shown below) .

A column with 6 eyelets (on the column top side ) on the same side.

The other two columns on the opposite side .

The opening of the column are face inward .

Put the small beam in the gap of the column . Then adjust the column (The clearance between the column and the small beam anti-wear pulley shall be within 3mm).

After the vertical adjustment of the column, the anchor bolts shall be drilled.
5.The cylinder column and the same side column with 6 screw holes (on the column top side ) are bolted to secure the large beam

The one with the chain buckle under the big beam is on top of the cylinder column.

6.Fix the cylinder and place the guide wheel at the top of the cylinder.

7.The line should be installed correctly according to the wiring diagram

8.After the platform rises by 1.3 meters ,adjust the manual insurance, then test whether the up and down insurance works.

After the test, raise the platform to 1 meter below the 2nd floor, readjust the column, weld the column to the bottom after adjustment

9.Level the platform (Adjust with chain adjustment screw) , raise the platform to the second floor, then weld the 1.4cm thick iron block (break shoe)in the anti-fall support position inside the column.

10.Install limit switch: after the electric drive pusher was fully retracted, adjust the front and rear with the lead screw of the limit switch, to ensure that the limit switch can be touched the electric drive pusher when fully retracted.

11.Electric Control Box Installation

11.1. Connect power cable

11.2. Connect the motor wire and solenoid valve wire

11.3. After step 1 and 2 , you can use manual control for the rise & down.

11.4. Get the line right and connect the corresponding appliances.

11.5. Platform up electric drive pusher extends, platform down electric drive pusherretracts (The adjustment method is to exchange the thread heads)

11.6 Three-wire photoelectric switch installation method: The delay limit switch shall be installed above the limit of the first floor and the height shall be about 50cm

11.7 The installation method of the photoelectric switch on the second floor is the same as that on the first floor , different delay time.

The photoelectric switches on the third and fourth floors are the same as above

11.8.The highest limit switch is installed 1CM above the highest pass sensor

11.9.The downlink latch photoelectric switch is installed about 1.7 meters above each flat layer

12. Wrong Layer Correction

Stop the platform on the appointed floor when using a manual switch , but the PLC program doesn't know which floor.

Such as on the second floor . First block the second floor pass sensor , then Click Stop and then press button two. (Turn off the PLC when switching manually. Manual switch must be turn off when using PLC )

13.Check the Relevant Contents after Debugging the Elevator.

13.1 Check if the oil pipe leaks oil (loaded goods ) (cylinder joint , pump station joint )

13.2 Manual insurance lock , Manual insurance release,Electric drive pusher retract, Electric drive pusher sticks out,

13.3 Manual and electric insurance and each connecting sleeve must be oiled

13.4 Whether the wire rope screw is tightened (The tightness of the wire rope and chain above the top of the column and the small beam must be adjusted ,The wire rope clamp under the column and the wire rope clamp above the big beam must be tightened )

13.5 The adjusting screw of the chain link must be fastened ,check that the cotter pins of each chain link are in place

13.6 Whether the connecting screws of the column and the big beam are tightened

13.7 Check that the joints of each electrical part are firm

13.8 Field personnel must be skilled (Manual insurance must be taught)

This cover can be opened and there is a switch inside. Up is open , down is close.

Use the manual button must turn off the PLC switch.

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