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How to operate the fixed yard ramp Lift?

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We are manufacturer of fixed type yard ramp lifts,and exported more than 50 countries, many clients usually asked me how to operate the fixed yard ramp lift? Today I will share the steps to you,the details as below: 1.Base Frame 2.Safety barrier 3.Folding Plate 4.Motor Oil Box 5.Platform.

Fixed Yard Ramp -1 Fixed Yard Ramp

Flow Chart as below:

Start→Check the Platform→Is it normal?(If is normal,will go to next step, if it is not normal, it needs to be repaired.)→Loading and unloading→Raise the device, then pour the vehicle in, and then operate the device to lap the board over the vehicle. Fixed wheels to prevent movement.→After the loading and unloading is completed, the equipment is raised, and the equipment is dropped after the vehicle leaves.→Reset the device to its original state→Turn off the power→End 

1-Fixed yard ramp safe work requirements:

The loading and unloading platform must be operated by the designated operator, and no one else can start it. The operator must have good vision, hearing, adequate judgment and a strong sense of responsibility.

1-2 Before each use of the loading and unloading platform, it must be confirmed that the warehouse door has been fully opened. 

1-3 Before you operate, you must tell others to stay away from the platform. During the operation of the platform, the platform is not allowed to release goods or stand on the platform, and no goods or personnel are allowed to block in the area where the platform is running.

1-4 Please confirm that the transport vehicle has been docked properly and the rear end of the vehicle should be in contact with the rubber buffer outside the platform. And the wheels are non-slip fixed, the lip must enter the compartment with the overall width, and the depth is not less than 100 mm.

1-5 The operator must not start the loading and unloading platform when the vehicle is not safely docked at the platform.

1-6 Please note that the platform can be adjusted with different inclinations depending on the transport vehicle.

1-7 The maximum load-bearing load of the loading and unloading platform is 6 tons. It is strictly forbidden to overload the operation according to the load regulations.

1-8 Loading and unloading only use suitable and safe means of transport. Try to transport the vehicle in the middle of the platform. Please note that the cargo will not roll down or fall off the platform.

1-9 Transport equipment on the loading and unloading platform (for hydraulic forklifts and electric forklifts only), (maximum speed limit of 10 km / h) prohibits the gasoline engine forklift from passing on the loading and unloading platform.

1-10 During the use of the loading and unloading platform, it is necessary to ensure good lighting or lighting in the surrounding environment.

1-11- When the loading volume is too large, the stability is poor or dangerous goods, and there are obstacles in the operation site, please pay special attention to safety.

1-12 During the loading and unloading operation, pay close attention to whether there is any possibility of casualties.

1-13 When loading and unloading the platform, the operator should turn off the power to prevent misoperation.

1-14 This equipment is not a lifting platform. Do not use it for lifting cargo or personnel.

1-15 Avoid the size of the cargo beyond the platform area and trip over the surrounding people.

1-16 Do not place the lip on the side panel of the transport vehicle. Do not rest on the platform.

1-17 Immediately release the operation button when the lip is straight (retracted into position) to prevent the cylinder from being pressed for a long time.

1-18 Restore the device to its original parking state after use. (Please make sure that the loading and unloading vehicle does not suddenly leave before the equipment is reset.)

1-19 After the operation is completed, the loading platform should be restored to the initial parking position and the power should be turned off. The platform should be on the same level as the loading platform, and the folding lip of the loading platform should be completely hand-locked and locked. When the lip is fully closed, the platform is supported by the front beam. In this case, the vehicle is allowed to drive laterally across the platform, but must not exceed a maximum load of 6 tons.

1-20 Do not use the emergency brake device under normal working conditions of the device. Use the emergency brake device only when an accident occurs.

1-21 Please keep the surface of the platform dry and clean.

1-22 When the loading platform fails or is damaged, the operator must not force the loading and unloading platform.

1-23 Maintenance personnel maintain the loading and unloading platform as required and record it.

1-24 For the faulty platform, it is necessary to set up a safety warning sign to stop using or being repaired in time. After the repair is completed, evacuate in time. 

1-25 The safety struts must be used correctly during repair or maintenance.

Fixed Yard Ramp  Fixed Yard Ramp

2- Fixed yard ramp maintenance and maintenance:

2-1 Each rotating pin pin is always greased and greased. Every 2 days or so, butter or oil must be applied once to ensure lubrication, reduce wear and prolong service life.

2-2 This machine uses anti-wear hydraulic oil 46# or 68#, it is replaced every six months when it is used for the first time, and it is replaced once every year, and the mailbox must be cleaned when changing oil.

2-3 Keep the pit clean. Foreign objects attached to each component (such as dirt, sand, wood, iron, etc.) should be removed in time, and there should be no water in the pit.

2-4 A routine inspection of the equipment every week, focusing on checking whether there are cracks in the welded parts of each force, whether the joint pins of the joints are loose, whether the pin rings of each shaft pin are loose, whether the support feet are automatically reset, and whether the safety struts are Normal, whether the oil pipes are damaged or aged, whether there is loose oil leakage in each oil pipe joint, whether the power supply lines are normal, whether the control switches or buttons are in poor contact, etc., if any one of them, it should be dealt with in time. 

2-5 For damage, the paint that has fallen off should be protected by paint in time to extend the service life of the equipment.