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How to Maintain Aluminum Alloy Lift Platform?

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After you purchase a set of aluminum alloy lift platform, to prolong lift platform’s service life you must maintain regularly. Here is the basic rules:

1.Please replace 32# hydraulic oil after 6 month use, then replace the hydraulic oil according to use time and oil pollution. Please clean tank wall when replace the oil, the metal particles, cotton yarn, fiber and other impurities cannot be out into the tank.

2.Prevent the pollution of hydraulic oil, oil can’t have water, acid, alkali and other impurities, the tank shall not be coated with anti-rust oil.

3.The length of the chain shall be adjusted in a timely manner when the upper and lower chain of the same arm is not uniform when the upper and lower ends of the lifting arms are not evenly flawed when the lifting arm has not yet risen. Adjust the working platform will rise to a certain height, look for the need to adjust the arm section of the lower end of the nut (M8 × 1), while adjusting the side check until the meet the requirements.

4.If you find the solenoid valve due to foreign matter blocking the phenomenon, so that the failure of the hydraulic system is to remove the electromagnet, with 24MM extended socket wrench to remove the solenoid valve core, immersed in kerosene gently turn the spool, Foreign body, and then gently pull out the spool, check the valve body within the foreign body and damage, after treatment, carefully into the valve body, so that the spool in the valve sleeve can smoothly slide. Pay attention to maintain the original accuracy, and then together into the valve body, and then install the electromagnet can be.

5.If the operating platform has the phenomenon of automatic drop, then check the emergency drain switch is loose, so it is tightened clockwise. If not check whether the one-way valve seal is reliable, or check whether the soft fiber within the valve caused by a one-way valve failure, with a 24MM socket wrench to the one-way valve out, if the seal is replaced seal, such as spool There is a foreign body with diesel or kerosene cleaning spool, excluding foreign body after the spool re-installed and tightened.

6. Replace the roller set in the lift arm or remove the foreign body after the installation of the wheel group, the operating platform should be raised first.

7.To a certain height, will need to swap the roller group pry into the lift arm in the rail part, and its relative to the movable part of the fixed position, the use of work platform down the roller group into the lift arm, and then raised the operating platform, Arm end of the insurance block, repeatedly tried to increase several times, no exception, the replacement assembly work is completed.

8. Aluminum alloy lifts should be kept clean. When not in use, should be parked in rain, sun, ventilation, dry place.

9. Aluminum alloy lift to be lubricated, keep the site should always be filled with N32 mechanical oil: chain sprocket friction parts; sprocket, sprocket friction parts; lift arm friction parts; chassis under the caster, positioning wheel rotation parts.

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