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How long does the overhead crane last? What are the factors that affect their life?

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一.How long does the overhead crane last?

Overhead cranes are lifting equipment that traverses materials in the workshop, warehouse and stockyard. Because its two ends are located on tall cement columns or metal brackets, they are shaped like bridges. The end girder of the overhead crane runs longitudinally along the rails laid on the elevated sides of the overhead crane, which can make full use of the space under the main girder to lift the materials without being obstructed by the ground equipment. It is the most widely used and largest number of lifting appliances.

overhead crane  overhead crane2

1. Firstly, the average life of the bridge crane

How long does the bridge crane last? The design life of the bridge crane is generally 20----30 years. The utilization level and load status of the crane determine the working level of the crane. It can be said that the work level is fixed, and under a certain load state, it has a certain number of work cycles, that is, life. In general, the life of the bridge crane working level A1~A2 is 30 years, the life of A3~A5 is 25 years, and the life of A6~A7 is 20 years.

2. Secondly, the lifting period of cranes

Any crane has to undergo many overhauls throughout its life, and some consumables such as wire ropes, rolling bearings, open gears, wheels, brake pads, brake wheels and electrical equipment are replaced during each overhaul. The replacement of these partial parts does not mean the end of the working life of the whole crane; but after a crane has been used for many years, once the structure is constantly experiencing severe fatigue cracks, so that the crane or the trolley can not work normally, then It is believed that the entire crane can no longer work safely.

3. Thirdly, affect the life factor of overhead crane

1) Under too high or too low temperature conditions, the working performance of the overhead crane will be affected, the parts will be easy to aging and freeze, the hydraulic oil will be easily deteriorated, the wear of mechanical components will be intensified, and the mechanical parts will be intensified,the performance of the material changes, etc. These problems can easily affect the service life of the overhead crane. The working temperature of the crane is -40 ° C ~ 60 ° C.

2) If impurities such as dust and metal chips enter the inside of the overhead crane, it will cause surface abrasion of the components, blockage of relative movement of the components, increase of wear of the parts, deterioration of oil, damage of the oil film, etc., resulting in overhead cranes. Various faults or damages occur, which in turn affects their service life.

3) The acidic substances contained in the rainwater will cause corrosive damage to the structural surface of the overhead crane, and the composition of some chemical substances will also cause corrosion and other damage to the surface of the overhead crane components. This will greatly reduce the service life of the overhead crane, so attention should be paid to the rain protection problem of the overhead crane and the chemical composition in the working environment. Most of the overhead cranes are used in the workshop, so this can be ignored.

4) Unreasonable use of overhead cranes will burden the motor and other parts, such as overload lifting, long-time high-speed operation, etc. The final result is that the failure rate and damage rate of the overhead crane become larger, and the service life is naturally also There is no guarantee.


二.What kind of working environment will reduce the life of single girder overhead cranes?

The working level of single girder overhead cranes, the heavy work, the frequency of use, the perishable and explosive flammable threats, etc., usually go directly to the service life of single girder overhead cranes.

三.How to extend the life of a single girder overhead cranes?

1. Do regular inspections

It is very important to do a good job of daily inspection and maintenance of the crane. Some cranes use manufacturers, and they pay less attention to this aspect. There is no special person to do inspection and maintenance. Only when the crane fails, look for the technicians of the crane manufacturer to come and repair. The crane needs to be inspected and maintained. Maintenance replaces repairs.

2. Operate in strict accordance with the regulations

In use, we must resolutely put an end to illegal operation. The crane is a special equipment. It is necessary to provide technical training and safety training to the operators on a regular basis so that the operators have a certain awareness of safety precautions. There are many crane failures caused by illegal operation. For example, the slanting crane will damage the rope guide of the electric hoist.

3. Regularly add lubricant

In addition, it should reduce the influence of mechanical impurities, reduce the influence of temperature on single girder overhead cranes, reduce corrosion, ensure the lubrication of equipment, and regular lubrication can effectively reduce the wear of equipment. Like the Hoist Gear Box.