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"Golden September" Sales Promotion- Shandong Tavol Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd

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"Golden September" Sales Promotion- Shandong Tavol Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd 

Sales Promotion time: 1st,September 2019----30th, September 2019

During this period, the new and old customers pay advance payment to our company, which are in line with the promotional conditions.

 sales promotion2 sales promotions

Promotion range:

● Double beam gantry crane, Single beam gantry crane;

● Double girder overhead crane, Single girder overhead crane;

● Guide rail Cargo Lift

● Mobile yard ramp, Fixed dock ramp

● Fixed scissor lift, Mobile scissor Lift, Self-propelled scissor Lift



Manufacturers let profit, Mid-Autumn Festival to send “Good Gifts”, Mid-Autumn Festival gift autumn promotion, enjoy triple event.

(Note: The amount shown in the activity is based on the contract price)


Firstly, the cumulative subscription of the full amount of gifts:

1. ≧ 50,000 USD < 100,000 USD, and give a Huawei P20 (6G, 64G) high-end mobile phone;

2, ≧ 100,000 US dollars < 150,000 US dollars, a Huawei P30 (6G, 64G) high-end mobile phone;


Suppose a customer's cumulative order amount in September is 51,000 US dollars (ex-factory price). Since the total order amount in September meets the condition of “≧ 50,000 USD < 100,000 USD”, our company will give the customer a gift : Huawei P20 (6G, 64G) high-end mobile phone. It will be shipped with the product.

● Customers can also choose other products with the same value as the gifts, but they need to be determined one week in advance, otherwise they will be delivered according to the original gifts.

● At the same time, customers can also convert gifts into cash or product offers of the same value.


Secondly, the patrons award

During the event, if you order an accumulated contract amount of more than 10,000 US dollars, you can get a "mystery gift".

A total of 50 gift sets are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The final interpretation right belongs to Shandong TAVOL Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.


Shandong TAVOL Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 

The announcement date:  1st,September,2019