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Enoy happy time at the foot of Mountain Tai-Tavol cranes group

Views: 36     Author: Cecilia sls99@tavolgroup.com     Publish Time: 2020-06-18      Origin: Site

Although during the Covid-19, our sales performance was very good. Everyone worked actively and took seriously the various problems of the customers accumulated during this time. Some of the cranes could not be delivered in time due to the Covid-19 situation of the customer’s country, and they have been shipped one after another; some orders that have been placed on hold have also begun to continue to negotiate; some colleagues have worked hard at this time and signed big orders. In order to reward everyone for their outstanding performance, our general manager decided to have dinner at the foot of Mount Taishan, share with each other, and inspire ourselves to reap the achievements in the following days.

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Taishan Scenic Area has beautiful scenery. There are green walnuts on the mountain, green apricots, and bunches of grapes.... Driving along the way, everyone laughs and shares the happiness of the team together. At lunch, everyone shared the tempting roast sheep and talked about their work experience.

Looking forward to the next days, we can all live happily together and work happily!

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