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Clients from Guinea Visited Our Factory

Views: 33     Author: Cecilia (sls99@tavolgroup.com)     Publish Time: 2019-12-30      Origin: Site

On 10th Dec,the clients from Guinea came to visit our factory to see the production of gantry cranes and tower cranes.The client was a Frenchman who had lived in guinea for many years and ran a concrete plant. Although this was our first meeting, the customer showed his enthusiasm for us and said he had seen our products in Guinea. We are proud to hear that.

Before this meeting, I supplied the offer of 5 ton gantry crane for them. At that time,the client did not give much feedback.And they were not decided to purchase the cable and drums or not.  After they came this time, we were able to confirm some details. According to the customer's request, we made a quotation for them. In addition, the customer looked at the production of the lift platform in our workshop.They were very interested in the aluminum lifting platform and the mobile scissor lift platform. After comparing the price, the customer decided to choose the mobile scissor lift platform with a lift height of 5 meters.

Client visit client visit

When we talked about the tower cranes, the client recalled seeing three of our tower cranes installed in guinea last year. So they wanted to choose a suitable tower crane for their site. According to the customer's description of the factory, the customer does not need the driver to be in the air and drive in the cabin, he only needs a remote control to control the tower crane, and the driver only needs to stand on the ground to control the operation of the tower crane.Therefore, this tower crane is not a regular model, but needs to be customized.The engineer quickly came up with the solution and calculated the price for the customer. The customer was very satisfied with our high efficiency and soon decided to place an order. He asked me to prepare the contract for him. From this visit, we knew hat the customer has a lot of things to purchase in China, they arranged many meetings with the suppliers in China. So in order to save time for the customer, we drove a car to send them to another city Dezhou in Shandong province. The customer were very happy, they said we were  worthy of a gantry crane and tower crane supplier.

Tower crane client visit gantry crane client visit

On December 20th, the client returned to Guinea and arranged the advance payment. He need these machine in hurry. So we arranged the production soon. Although, the new near is coming, we promise to deliver the machine on time.

Trust Tavol, trust us, we are always waiting here for you. If you have inquiries for these machines, please contact with Cecilia. I am in charge of service all the time.