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Australian Jib crane test running before loading

Views: 42     Author: Cecilia (sls99@tavolgroup.com)     Publish Time: 2020-05-22      Origin: Site

In May 2020, the jib cranes were completed production. These two jib cranes are used in the Australian mining accessories factory. The customer has very high quality requirements. Before confirming the order, we answered all the questions one by one, and the customer placed the order three months later. After 20 days of production, the jib crane can be delivered in May.

At the end of April 2020, the Australian jib cranes were completed the production. These two jib cranes' inspectors from Australian customers come to inspect the jib cranes. Before the inspection, we took a simple video to test the lifting and travelling speed of the jib crane, the rotating speed, etc. But the customer is most concerned about the load-bearing capacity of the main beam of the jib crane, so for the customer's most concern, we carried out installation testing.

jib crane jib crane

Before the test, we analyzed the foundation problem of the jib crane. Initially, we wanted to fix the flange with bolts, and then carried out the installation test, but the result was that the foundation was not stable and the column would shake. So we thought of the second method, fix the column to the steel structure column, and then the column can be stabilized, and the weight test can be carried out. 

After two attempts, the test was successfully completed. Customers are very satisfied with our testing work. Many of the test results meet the requirements of customers. 

Firstly: The speed can be adjusted at will, thinking that the control system is equipped with a frequency converter. 

Secondly: The limit installation of the rotary motor is also very suitable, which can meet the needs of customers. The jib crane could rotate between 90-270 degrees. 

Thirdly, he most important point: when the main beam is hanging a heavy object, the lower deflection of the main beam is within the normal range, indicating that the quality of our jib crane is very good.

After the inspectors reported the inspection results to the Australian headquarters, they were very satisfied with the results of the tests and said that we are a supplier of good quality and excellent service. We will place orders for cranes in the future.

Any inquiries for jib crane, please contact with us. We will supply suitable offer for you, supply good service for you.