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A Letter to Our Customers Worldwide

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Dear customers,


We believe you have noticed that a new corona virus outbreak occurred in China in early 2020. The World Health Organization labels it an international concern for public health emergencies. Affected by this, buyers from around the world may worry about the safety and health issues of the products provided by Tavol Cranes Group.

About Corona virus situation:

The central epidemic situation is only in Wuhan ,which is under control.

And Chinese government is actively taking many measures to deal with it .

At the same time Tavol will strictly abide by the inspection and quarantine requirements of mechanical products! Ensuring the high quality of the products produced throughout the process!
After 20 years of development, Tavol has established a strict and effective business continuity management system, which can ensure that Tavol products continue to serve our customers under extreme conditions. Tavol will take all positive measures to reduce the impact of this incident.

1. Customers who have already placed an order: Tavol will actively fulfill the contract and focus on product quality. Tavol guarantees that, after starting work, proactively resume production and deliver on time.Probably in the middle of February .
2. The order has been completed and ready to be shipped: Tavol will strictly perform product inspection, quarantine and disinfection in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Before shipping, we will perform strict virus killing work. Ensure that the products meet the customs import and export requirements guidelines.

Studies have shown that the virus can only spread from person to person.
Our products are mechanical products and cannot transmit viruses
3. Customers who require after-sales maintenance: After the epidemic is over, Tavol will dispatch healthy engineers to perform on-site after-sales service in the shortest time.
4. Customers who are interested in Tavol products but have not placed an order: Please rest assured that Tavol employees are now actively working in their homes to answer customer doubts. Tavol will provide you with professional services with 20 years of work experience.
5. If you need to know the performance, parameters, price, after-sales service and other information of Tavol products, you can contact at any time. Tavol will do its best to serve you.

In the past 20 years, we have established good cooperative relationships with customers in more than 100 countries around the world, and we are fortunate to have your trust and support. At this special moment, we also hope to work together with customers around the world!

Thank you for your support and trust!

Tavol Cranes Group