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5ton Capacity Stationary Scissor Lift Loading for Sri Lanka Client

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5ton Stationary Scissor Lift Loading for Sri Lanka Client

On July 8th 2019, we have loaded stationary scissor lift for Sri Lanka Client again. They will use it for industry warehouse.

Stationary Scissor Lift is used for convey the goods from one working level to another. It was used widely. Such as in warehouse, outdoor side, parking place. It will improve working efficiency and save labor. Surface is very beautiful.  Install type is very simple.  It is not restricted by court.  It’s very popular with our clients from different countries, Such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines , Germany, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and so on.

Here is advantages about our stationary scissor lift:

(1) Hydraulic lifting system,  the remote control and multi-control points at the different floors could be realized.

(2) Lift Up,  Stop and Lower could be realized at each control point. The fixed hydraulic scissor lift could stop at the accurate location point.

(3) Smooth working condition, high load capacity, safe and reliable.

(4) There are optional sensitive overload protection devices and safety trip bar. 

(5) Power Supply is from local power sources, we can customized for client.

On June 5th 2019, we received old client inquiry about stationary scissor lift.  He told us he need 1 set stationary scissor lift for his warehouse this time. The stationary scissor lift that they bought before are used smoothly in his factory. On June 6th 2019, we offered to client with detail information and drawing about scissor lift.  We will use bigger pump station and cylinder.  Because client need more high speed this time. We got client deposit on June 17th 2019, then we arrange to production in time.

stationary scissor lift-2  stationary scissor lift-3

Stationary scissor lift base parameters:

Product name

Stationary scissor lift





Platform size


Lifting height







Seaworthy Package

All products will be tested by quality inspector before leaving the factory.