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5set of Single Girder European Type Overhead Cranes for American Client

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On 19th, July, 2019, we received an inquiry for European bridge crane on Alibaba. The client is from USA, he was finding overhead cranes which were similar to his attachment. The inquiry was sent to me with a drawing. In this mail, the client described the details: 5 set of European bridge cranes, including the columns, H-beam, rails.

After contacting with him by email, i got his Wechat ID. So i contacted with him and talked about the details. Because the Sino-US trade war is still going on at this time, many American customers will mention it, but fortunately, our single girder overhead crane is not include the tariff increases. This client’s main business is "ProCraft Cabinetry", but this crane will be used in their other business "Stone Fabricators". After knowing the relevant information, i made a suitable quotation for the customer and provide drawings for him.

 Single beam overhead crane2 Single beam overhead crane

On 31st, August, the client modified the plan and reconfirmed the previous crane parameters as follows:

All the overhead cranes must be included the steel structure frame. Because of the time differences,some details were confirmed late. Cause it was in the United States, our time difference is 11 hours. All of us will confirm it late. Sometimes we must chat in the middle of the night or In the early morning, as long as the customer needs. We hope that all problems can be resolved as soon as possible.

On 6th, Sept, after discussing the payment term, production time, tariff barriers, installation, etc., we signed the single girder overhead crane's sales contract.

On 15th, Sept, i revisited the contract and received the customer's advance payment on 18th.

On 20th, Sept, after confirming the production drawing with the customer, we arranged the production soon.

On 4th, Oct, when the production is completed, we sent a completion report to the customer. Due to the size modification of a customer’s workshop, we did not receive a timely notification from the customer. We need to modify the overhead crane span after the production urgently.

On 15th, Nov, after the customer discusses the booking shipping, we receive the final payment and contact the freight forwarder in time to arrange the delivery.

On 7th, Jan 2020, the customer received our single girder overhead crane. The we provided the installation video for him The customer himself started the installation based on the video.

On 21st, Jan 2020, the customer successfully installed 5 set of single girder overhead cranes.

If you have inquiry for single girder overhead crane, welcome to contact with us.