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50hp cabin tractor with front loader service in Europe

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Tavol Group is a high-tech groups company,are focused on development of the characteristic agricultural machinery. We can manufacture 15hp-280hp tractor.


Recently we got inquiry from Mr.Belansky, and after a period of communication,he had great recognition for our company and tractor. Finally placed order to us. After 25 days production and 35 days shipment, Mr.Belansky got the tractor. And he was happy to share picture with us.

Here is specification for your reference:

Tavol brand new farm tractor

Model:504, 50hp

Cabin type with heater

4 wheel dirve

Front wheel: 7.5-16

Rear wheel:12.4-28

8+8 shuttle shift

Side-mounted gear

Double clutch

Hydraulic steering

2 pieces of hydraulic output

540/760 r/mi PTO

Include front and reat ballast

3 point suspension

Include differential lock

Work with rotavator, shredder and backhoe.


If any interest, welcome to contact us, contact information as below:

Contact: Ellen Xiao