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5 Ton Bridge Crane Finished Production for Zimbabwe Customer

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5 ton bridge crane for Zimbabwe Customer is the LD model single girder overhead crane with the maximum capacity 5 tons and span 25 meters deigned and manufactured by TAVOL.  The 5 ton bridge crane is the light-duty overhead crane equipment which is is characterized by reasonable structure and high strength steel as a complete crane system.  As the professional overhead crane manufacturer and supplier, TAVOL offers single girder crane with the loads up to 32 tons and the span ranging from 6 to 31.5 meters.The single girder 5 ton bridge crane can be used in plants, warehouse, material stocks, plastic Industry, cement industry, power Industry, steels Industry, textile Industry, paper Industry, paint and chemical industry, food Industry, machinery manufacturing shop, petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgical workshop, paper making, building materials, electronics and other industries workshops to lift goods, which greatly reduces physical labor and improves work efficiency.

Safety is most important for overhead crane system. To guarantee the normal operation of crane and avoid the personal casualty and mechanical damage, the safety devices TAVOL provides are not only the electric protective devices or alarm bell but also other devices such as overload limit switch, rubber buffers, electric protective devices, emergency stop system, voltage lower protection function, current overload protection system, etc.

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