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5 Ton-4M Cargo Lift Installation for Bangkok City , Thailand

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5 Ton-4M Cargo Lift Installation for Bangkok City ,Thailand

The Cargo lift is used to move materials, products or supplies from the ground to the higher floor. It's a highly customized product that the lifting capacity, platform size, and dimensions can be designed as the client demands. Besides of a powerful hydraulic lifting system, the cargo lift includes accurate controls, allowing you to stop at any location. It also features a high load capacity and extra safety characteristics, like sensitive overload protection and locking protection.

On 6th May 2019 , We got a cargo lift inquiry from Wechat. The client was from Bangkok city , Thailand. Their company is assemble the lighting parts mainly. And they want to purchase a 5t capacity cargo lift to delivery the raw materials from ground floor to second floor. TAVOL engineers made a plan as clients requests . And on 14th May. 2019, we submitted the first proposal to client by Wechat . 

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Cargo Lift parameters as below:

-Model: SJD5-4.1 

-Load capacity:500 kg

-Max lift height: 4100 mm

-Platform:2000 (W) *2500(D) mm

-Roller shutter gate :2000 (W) *2100 (D) mm , 2 units

-Drive system:Hydraulic

-Lift speed:4-5 m/min

-Safety control voltage:24V/DC

-Input voltage:380V/50HZ /3P

-PLC control + digital display control panel at lobby

On 5th June. 2019, the client approved our proposal and in the meantime ,we submitted our cargo lift pit drawing for client`s engineer by Wechat. On 14ty June2019, the client said everything was fine , and they were ready to confirm the order. So we submitted the proforma invoice and sales contract to client to proceed the order . In 18th June., 2019 , we got client deposit . In 30th June 2019, we finished the production work . After got client`s balance payment , 4th July 2019, we loaded the container at factory and sent goods to Qingdao port, China .We sent engineer to Bangkok city , Thailand for installation work . After 7 days work, the cargo lift was installed successfully.