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4 Points to Give You a Better Understanding of Loading Ramp

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The mobile loading ramp is mainly used for the loading and unloading platform from truck, container or other platforms, which can be used in conjunction with the forked fixed platform. It is a fixed auxiliary equipment for loading and unloading. The load capacity have 6ton,8ton,10ton,12ton and 15ton.

Let’s learn more about this ramp from the following 4 points:

loading ramp loading ramp2

A. Function 

The main function of the mobile loading ramp is to set up a bridge between the ground plane and the container, so the forklift can carry the goods directly from the ground into the interior of the truck-mounted platform. The front panel in the truck compartment, plays the role of carrying loads, and so the forklifts can be directly into the container for bulk loading and unloading operations. It can load maximum 15 tons, saving much labor cost and time cost.

B. Ramp structure 

1. The tail plate is a low level of small slopes that fall at the end of the operation to facilitate the forklift to board the bridge. 

2. Slope part, high-strength steel and anti-skid pattern plate can increase the forklift friction to facilitate climbing. This 

is the main operating platform for the forklift, and the slope floor angle can be adjusted through the hydraulic cylinder. In 

order to facilitate the forklift up and down, the slope should not be too steep.

3. Cylinder is the direct implementer of the height adjustment of the loading ramp (slope view).

4. Solid tires, it is utilized to move the dock ramp, and that’s why it is named mobile loading ramp. Manual hydraulic system consists of manual joystick, manual hydraulic pump and fuel tank. Through the operation of the operating rod, the effect of the hand pump, the hydraulic oil is forced into the tank, and then driving the ramp to rise. We can also drop it down by manual drop valve.

5. Security fence, it can be useful to prevent the forklift from falling down the dock ramp.

6. Support legs, they can carry the forklift and the goods bearing most of the gravity.

7. Safety hook, the hook length can be arbitrarily adjusted, and before the operation, please check whether it is firmly fixed together. That’s very necessary to secure the hook with the container or truck connection in case the two are separated.

8. The horizontal platform, this is to facilitate the forklift into the interior of the truck.

9. Lip operation, the lip to ride is placed in the bottom of the tuck tail.

C. Advantages that maybe you are interested in

The mobile dock ramp is motored by hydraulic power with no external power supply. And only a single operator can achieve the safe and quick handling of goods, saving time and human resources. Also it can reduce the amount of labor, improving the loading and unloading operation efficiency and accessing to greater economic benefits.

D. Application scope, including your site? 

The mobile dock ramp is widely used in port terminals, container transportation, warehouses, logistics centers, factories and other mobile loading and unloading places.

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