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2Ton-18m Cargo Lift Installation in Maldives

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On 13th, June, 2019, our company got the Maldives cargo lift inquiry through the cooperation customer Qingdao Steel Structure Company. This company was one of the biggest shopping market company in Maldives. They purchased this cargo lift for lifting goods from ground to the 4th floor in their new warehouse. So after confirming the parameters, we prepared the quotation in that afternoon.

After 3 days’ communication with each other, the customer signed the sales contract on 16th, June, 2019. We received the customer's advance payment on 20th, June. As we know, the cargo lift is used in the customer's new warehouse and the customer urgently need it, so we arrange the production quickly. Finally, the production was finished one week ahead of schedule, exceeding the customer's expectations. We ordered the ship, the shipping date was on 6th, Augu, 2019.

cargo lift installation installation team

Before the cargo lift was shipped, we must know the  environment from the customer.  We must to consider the fixed and hardened modes of the cargo lift, the fixed location, the welding joint materials, etc., The installation environments are roughly divided into two conditions as following: 

1.Wall construction space, concrete buildings on all sides. The fixed parts used in this space will be more, and the work will be cumbersome. It is necessary to consider whether 

each position is suitable, whether it can be reinforced in the wall, whether the wall can drill holes. In case of installation, the time will be long. 
2.Steel structure space, all the space is the frame space composed of steel structure, this time the Maldives workshop is like this, so the installation time is very fast, this space only needs to consider the

length of the welding joint material,It is not necessary to use the fixing bolts. It can be directly welded, which is more convenient and easier. It is more time-saving and labor-saving for the installer.

We prepared that materials suitable for the installation of steel structure. After 35 days’ sailing time, the cargo lift arrived at Male Port successfully. After 1-2 weeks’ customs clearance, we received the installation request from the customer. So we will dispatch our professional installation team to help them to install it. Tavol installation team have serviced in more than 30 countries. Our installation team is professional, they are praised by our customers all over the world. The installation is very smooth and very fast. The installation work are completed ahead of schedule.

We are committed to help our customers to make work more easy and safe. Any projects that need cargo lift, welcome to contact with me.