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2020 Tavol Anual Meeting was Held Successfully, Let's Enjoy it.

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On 1st  2021, Shandong Tavol Crane Group, as a bridge crane manufacturer, held an annual meeting in Taian City. Thanks to the great support of the suppliers and the families for the support of our work.

Tavol cranes group Tavol cranes group

As the top leader of the bridge crane manufacturer, general manager Jia made a summary of the work in 2020 and made a new outlook for the work in 2021. The achievements made in 2020 are attributed to the conscientious work of the sales staff in bridge crane manufacturer and the strong cooperation of the factory supply department. An excellent enterprise cannot be separated from an excellent team. The executives of the three sales teams of Tavol Crane Group, the professional bridge crane manufacturer in China made a summary of their team's work.  All of them are full of confidence and strive to achieve the sales target set by themselves in the New Year.

It's really fun to be together, just like a family.What surprised us most was that today was also Mr. Jia's birthday,  Mr Jia received all the best wishes, as a general manager, he was pride of his  achievement. All sales were rewarded , they were very exicting too. In 2021, as a professional bridge crane manufacturer, Tavol Crane Group will be full of confidence in the New Year to achieve greater success! We got the manufacturing license,CE certificate, ISO9001 certificate, so we have ability to produce good quality,first-class lifting equipment. Any inquires, welcome to contact with us.