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2 Sets of Mobile Hydraulic Dock Ramp Shipped to Philippines Client

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Tavol Mobile hydraulic dock ramp is cargo handling and forklift with auxiliary equipment to use, adjustable height according to the level of automobile car, truck directly through the device into the interior of the bulk cargo handling, only a single person operation, you can achieve rapid loading and unloading of goods. It enables companies to reduce a lot of labor, improve efficiency, to obtain greater economic benefits.

Today we loaded 2sets of mobile hydraulic container ramp to our Philippines client. Last month we had signed contract. We finished mobile container ramp production within 15 working days. Because we have professional engineers and workers, they all had more than 6 years experiences. We had standard production line.

Loading ramp Loading ramp2

Main features of our Mobile Hydraulic Yard Ramp:

1) Hydraulic system: With handle pump, screw the return valve clockwise. Move the handle stick, to lift the ramp slowly. When the return valve is screwed counterclockwise, the hydraulic oil will go back, and the ramp will fall down on its own weight.
2)Heavy-duty mobile chakra
Mobile wheels adopt solid tyre, need not inflatable, durable, cooperate to brake pad, guarantee the operation safety.
3)Spin adjustable a leg
Prevent forklift into vehicle gravity concentrate on vehicle tail produce car overturned. Can fully guarantee the operation safety. The different height to vehicles, suitable for height adjustment of vehicles
4)Manual hydraulic elevator system
Using artificial hydraulic power, don't must external electric power can be easily realized climbing height adjustment.
5)Fold-down transition board
The tail and transition plate and forklift folding hook can be convenient mobile climbing.
6)Hinge transition
Adjustable length of cable chains used to hook vehicles, make climbing and vehicles, even shift, always close together joint.
7)Bridge body structure
Bridge body strength, high bearing capacity bridge by high strength manganese steel body skeleton into truss add structure: Compound high strength, the characteristics of large carrying capacity.
8)Antis-kid steel nets
Laying a layer above the bridge body slippery anilox steel plates. Mesh is distorted and hollow out, not only improved the reliability and work can prevent grease, dirt and ice accumulation.
9)Safety crack-proof valve
In addition to the relief valve, in order to prevent the tubing rupture, occur because of the accident, hydraulic systems of decline set in pipeline rupture types. The valve, when oil will automatically lock.

There are many other kinds of products for you choose:

1) Overhead crane, Gantry crane, All kind of electric hoist etc.

2) Cargo lift, Stationary scissor lift, Mobile scissor lift, Self propelled scissor lift, Container ramp etc.

3)Tower crane, Construction lift etc.

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