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2 Sets of Hydraulic Cargo Lift were Delivered to South Africa

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We got cargo lift  inquiry from south africa client on 12th,September ,2019. This customers main business is sheet metal. They bought this cargo elevator to lift up raw material from ground floor to second floor in customer’s factory.

As far as we know,Tavol hydraulic cargo lift , is also called vertical freight elevator that using for transfer cargo between different floors by the electric and hydraulic system. This freight elevator is made by strong performance steel structure and hydraulic & electric control system.

Tavol vertical elevator lift use hydraulic cylinder as a major power. By the heavy chain

and wire rope driving, ensure the machine run safely. The hydraulic freight elevator operate through control box on each floor to lift cargo. To prevent the cargo from falling

down, the wire mesh is a good choice. Without pit and machine room, it can be easy to install.

As customer was worried the goods would fall down from customer, they add cabin on platform. After a long time discussion in detail such as motor power, platform drawing and so on, customer choose Tavol hydraulic cargo lift to service them because of our professional solution. Finally customer sent purchase order to us on 20th,October,2019. After 25 days manufacture, our vertical hydraulic freight elevator were ready to be shipped to Durban port on 20th,November,2019.

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Main parameters of cargo lift as follows for your reference:




Load capacity



Lift height



Platform size



Power supply


After customer receive their goods. We will dispatch our professional installation team to help installation work. Tavol installation team have serviced in about 30 countries. Their work is fast, professional, experienced. They are praised by a lot of customer all over the world.

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