We found that in most cases, the user equipment is always in the equipment malfunction, 

or even paralysis to seek emergency repairs, thus causing hugeoutage cost, and even 

seriously affect the production and delivery time.

It is aimed at this phenomenon, we launched special crane remind of equipment maintenance 

services, main purpose is to help the customer for equipment maintenance regularly, 

to reduce the time between failures, reduce maintenance times, and to reduce running cost, 

prolong the service life of the crane. 

Customers can be flexible to choose according to the specific situation.

Buy tavol product means not only a chance to get free service, you will receive by tavol 

professional service personnel to complete and submit a comprehensive and detailed 

equipment inspection report, in order to ensure the best operation of the equipment.

Customers can also completely according to the different needs of their own maintenance 

plan, also can ask our service engineers in your factory,so that customers can revoke their recruitment 

crane maintenance engineers, staff management and equipment maintenance 

management of annoyance.

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