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Who We Are ?


Tavol Cranes Group is an esteemed, leading disciplined and quality 

manufacturer and service provider for the lifting, materials handling 

products and Construction Machinery for the Industry.


What We Do ?


Tavol Group Company a family business of 30 years, have now expanded to be also a leader to manufacture Overhead cranes, Gantry Cranes, Electric Hoist, Jib Cranes, Scissor Lift, Tower Cranes, Building hoist, etc.


Materials Handling Cranes Products Capacity from 0.5t to more than 300tons, Product Including Overhead Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Jib Cranes, Electric Hoists and Necessary Spare Parts;  


Construction Cranes Products Capacity from 0.8t to more than 25t, 

Products Including Top Kits Tower Cranes, Topless Tower Cranes, 

Luffing Tower Cranes, Construction Hoist and All necessary Spare Parts etc;  


Lifting Machinery Product Capacity from 100kg to more than 25tons, 

Product Including Scissor Lifts, Cargo Lifts, Home Lifts and Man Lifts etc;



Why Choose us ?


Innovation and Efficiency is Our Goal, Tavol People made the cranes with Compact Design, Low Headroom, Good safety, high performance and efficient operation, 

We are committed to help our Customers Cut Down Plant and Building Investment, Improve Production Efficiency, Reduce Daily Maintenance, Economize Energy Consumption and Achieve Best Return on Investment, 

to meet customer requirements for Different Operating Conditions and Provide them with One-stop Solutions. 


Our International Relations


Tavol Cranes is also now recognized in the international market by bidding 

for the International market needs since 2005 successfully for its products 

through its excellent proven relations in the present international 

captured markets with its quality product. 


At Present, Tavol Machines Has Service and Working in Bangladesh, 

Sri Lanka, Iran, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Germany, USA, 

Mexico, Brizal, UAE, Jodan, etc More than 50 Countries and Regions.



Mission Statement 

Our Mission Statement is to Service Our Customers to Provide 

Quality to the End User While Working and Growing Together...

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Tavol Group Subsidiary Company:


Shandong Tavol Machinery Co.,Ltd                                             

Shandong Tavol Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd          

DACHENG Construction Cranes Factory             

INNO Lifting Machinery Factory            

Overseas Office in Bangladesh/Sri Lanka and Philippines, Cambodia.                        

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Any Needs, Why Pay More ?

Contact Our Product Manager as Below:


Contact Our Products Sales Director Directly:

Cranes Machinery, including Overhead Cranes, Gantry Cranes, 

Jib Cranes, Electric Hoists, etc.


Crane Machinery.png

Please contact Sales Director: Ms. Lillin Wang


Skype: tavolcranelillian

Mobile/WhatUp: 0086 13854854427       

QQ : 2667252968     Wechat: lillian8712

Constuction Machinery, Including Tower Cranes and 

Construction Hoists.


Construction Machinery.png

Please Contact the Sales Director: Ms. Kelley Xue


Mobile/Whatsapp: 0086- 15621346916


 QQ: 2837832685   Wechat: Kelley-Tavol

Lifting Machinery Including Scissor Lifts, Cargo Lifts, Cargo Lifts 

and Man Lifts etc.


Lifting Machinery.png

Please Contact the Sales Director: Ms Ellen Xiao

QQ: 529602353   Wechat: 0086 15269864317  Skype: tavol2016


Mob: 0086 15269864317 (whatspp, imo,viber...)